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Wine Guide: Vineyards in Queenstown, Arrowtown, Wanaka, and Bannockburn

Exploring the Vineyards of Queenstown, Arrowtown, Wanaka, and Bannockburn: A Wine Lover's Paradise Central Otago wine region is a paradise for wine enthusiasts with stunning mountain views and extensive vineyards. Enjoy a glass of perfectly matched Pino Noir or a refreshing white wine, each reflecting the unique qualities of this wine-rich area.

Book a Gourmet Food and Wine Tour

Book a gourmet food and wine tour and savor aromatic whites and complex Pinot Noirs. Visit local wineries like Amisfield, Nockies Palette, and Stoneridge Estate, each offering fine wines and breathtaking views. Gibbston Valley Winery welcomes guests to dine in their renowned restaurant and explore their unique wine cave.

Experience Notable Wineries in Gibbston, Bannockburn, and Cromwell

Chard Farm impresses with its dramatic entrance and stunning river views. Enjoy a tasting and feel the connection to the landscape.

Wet Jacket Wines, located in a historic woolshed, combines history of the region with modern winemaking, offering a unique tasting experience.

Peregrine Wines features architecturally impressive settings, enhancing the wine tasting experience with the beauty of the building and the land.

Kinross Winery in Gibbston offers cozy cottage accommodations and wine tastings, making it a great place for a full day visit.

Mora Wines blends wine tasting with artisan culinary experiences, perfect for gourmet food lovers.

Mt Rosa Wines offers a laid-back, rustic tasting room experience in the Gibbston Valley, known for its dry climate and stony soils that enhance the grape flavors.

Brennan Wines features a boutique tasting room with personalized experiences and stunning views over the vineyards.

Coal Pit Vineyard focuses on educating visitors about sustainable viticulture practices during their intimate tasting sessions.

Stop by The Winery in Arrowtown

The Winery in Arrowtown, known as one of Zealand’s largest tasting rooms, is a must-visit. With over 1,300 wines, including selections from boutique vineyards, it’s the perfect place to taste and discover new favorites. Whether you choose a taste, half, or full glass, you're sure to find a wine you love.

Wanaka’s Vibrant Wine Scene

Wanaka's landscape significantly influences its wines. The vineyards, nestled among mountains and near Lake Wakatipu, thrive in a microclimate perfect for viticulture. This area is celebrated for its superb Pinot Noir and aromatic whites.

Explore Further: Bannockburn and Beyond

Head to the Bannockburn region, about 60 kilometers from Queenstown. Famous for its robust Pinot Noir, the climate and soil here are ideal for vine growth. Wineries like Terra Sancta and Felton Road Wines are committed to quality and environmental stewardship, producing some of the most respected wines in the region.

Additional Esteemed Wineries

Two Paddocks, owned by actor Sam Neill, offers exclusive organic Pinot Noir tastings by appointment.

Domain Road Vineyard is known for its welcoming atmosphere and educational tastings, perfect for learning more about wine.

Gate 20 Two Vineyard provides personalized tours and tastings in a small, intimate setting.

Desert Heart offers tastings set against stunning vistas, making each sip a memorable part of your journey.

Te Kano Estate features modern architecture and a range of tasting options, including food pairings.

Mt Difficulty Wines is celebrated for its panoramic views and comprehensive tasting room.

Special Attractions

Visit the Stoaker Room near Cromwell for a unique blend of local cuisine and wine, or take a trip to Walter Peak to explore more of Queenstown's food scene. If time permits, delve deeper into the award-winning offerings and the rich history of the Central Otago wine region. This comprehensive tour not only offers a glimpse into the art of winemaking but also provides a sensory journey through one of New Zealand's most picturesque landscapes, making it an essential experience for any wine enthusiast.

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