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Autumn Magic in Arrowtown

Picture this: the landscape transforms into a canvas of vibrant hues, with rich golds, fiery reds, and warm oranges painting the hills under the morning sun. It's like stepping into a postcard, with Mahu Whenua, New Zealand's largest privately owned park, right at your doorstep and only 20 minutes from Queenstown!

Take a deep breath of that crisp, fresh air as you explore local walkways that lead you to hidden gems like streams, waterfalls, and stunning views of the Whakatipu basin. And if you're a biking enthusiast, you're in for a treat! With trails ranging from beginner to expert, including the thrilling single-track from Coronet Peak to Arrowtown or the historic journey to Macetown along the Arrow River, there's an adventure waiting for everyone on two wheels.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Arrowtown's outdoor scene is bursting with activities for all tastes. From snow sports to golf, panning for gold or browsing the local galleries. And let's not forget about the fascinating history and ecology that shaped this breathtaking landscape over millions of years.

Did you know that you can also indulge in some award-winning wine along the way? Make a pit-stop at Amisfield Bistro and Cellar Door or Mora Winery for a sip of something special.


Mora Winery

And when it's time to refuel, Arrowtown's culinary scene won't disappoint. Whether you're craving a scrumptious croissant and coffee from the Bakery & Cafe, lunch at The Dishery, or a cozy meal at Provisions of Arrowtown, housed in a historic miners cottage, there's a spot to satisfy every craving.

The Dishery Outdoor Dining

Feeling like a cultural excursion? Take a stroll down to the Chinese settlement or catch a flick at Dorothy Brown's movie theatre if the weather isn't so good - complete with a fantastic Gin bar for added enjoyment.

And for a relaxing evening, treat yourself to the best beverages and country pub cuisine at The Fork and Tap or New Orleans Hotel. Wine lovers, you won't want to miss The Winery, where you can sample over 80 wines from award-winning labels across the Otago region.

From authentic Thai cuisine at Arrow Thai Food to Italian at Aosta or exquisite Japanese dishes at Kobe Cuisine, there's a culinary delight for every palate.

Aosta Arrowtown

So whether you're here for the outdoor adventures, the delicious food, or simply to soak in the beauty of Arrowtown, there's something magical waiting for you to discover! ✨

How to Get There!

Arrowtown is approximately 15-20minutes from Queenstown Airport along state highway 6. If you are staying in Queenstown CBD, you can take the scenic route along George Road, through Arthurs Point and following Malaghans Road past Millbrook to Arrowtown.

Map to Arrowtown from Queenstown

Top 10 Facts

  1. Arrowtown is a historic gold mining town located in the Otago region of the South Island.

  2. It was founded in the 1860s during the Otago Gold Rush.

  3. The town's name comes from the Arrow River, which was once rich in gold.

  4. Today, Arrowtown is known for its well-preserved historic buildings and charming streetscape.

  5. Mahu Whenua, New Zealand's largest privately owned park, serves as a gateway to outdoor adventures from Arrowtown.

  6. The town is famous for its stunning autumn colors, attracting visitors from around the world.

  7. Arrowtown hosts various events throughout the year, including the Arrowtown Autumn Festival and the Arrowtown Long Lunch.

  8. Chinese miners played a significant role in Arrowtown's history, and remnants of their presence can still be seen in the town.

  9. The Arrowtown Chinese Settlement is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering insights into the lives of Chinese miners in the 19th century.

  10. Today, Arrowtown is a popular tourist destination, offering a blend of history, natural beauty, and outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy.

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